Italy Quilt

A memory quilt with pictures from a trip to Italy.

Memory Quilts and Wall Hangings

A great way to capture and display those special times.

Wonderful for:

  • Milestone birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Births
  • Gifts for grandparents
  • Graduations
  • Vacations
  • Sports teams
The list is endless. You supply the pictures, the occasion, and pick the color scheme. We´ll create a unique design just for you.

Scroll down to see some examples.

Price List

Memory Quilts Prices start at $250.00
18 inch pillows, up to 20 pictures $75.00
Peek-a-Boo quilts $60.00
T-Shirt Quilts Prices start at $150.00
Quilts from Clothing Small (~30"x30") $50.00
Med.(~48"x48") $75.00
Lg (twin size) $150.00
Window Quilts One sided $60.00; 2 sided $75.00
Drawstring Backpacks* $10.00
Purses* $20.00
Pot Holders* $2.50
Baby Bibs* $5.00
Embroidered Towels* $8.00
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Sales Tax included, Shipping and Handling an additional $10.00
* Sales Tax included, Shipping and Handling an additional $3.00

The pictures can be:
-Digital pictures sent via email
-Jpeg files from scanned photos sent via email
-Prints sent via Postal Service (we will scan and return - slight charge for this option.)

The pictures can be any size, we will crop and resize as needed.

We crop the pictures, re-size, and iron transfer them onto muslin fabric. Then they will be quilted with cotton fabric to make your one-of-a kind design. The wall hangings can have either a muslin backing or a coordinating fabric, and will have a thin layer of batting to give it some thickness.

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Summer Scene Window Quilt

Want something less traditional, try a Window Quilt. It's like looking through a windowpane.

Winter Scene Window Quilt

A winter scene featuring a family of four. There is an afternoon winter sky, playful snowmen, and a winter hedge. This is the reverse side of the summer quilt so the quilt can be displayed based on the season.

Edna's 80th Birthday Quilt

This quilt was made for a woman's 80th birthday. It includes pictures of her throughout her life, her children, and grandchildren. It was crafted with fabric to match her apartment and to reflect her personality

Grace's 80th Birthday Quilt

This quilt, also for an 80th birthday, reflects this woman's life and personality. It includes favorite handkerchiefs, baby's bib, postcards, and buttons collected over the years. The two women that these quilts were made for are good friends. They each commented on how they liked the other's quilt but they liked theirs much better!