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Customer Comments

The pillow arrived this past weekend. I can't find words to describe how much I love it. You'd think that you had seen the bedroom it goes in. The colors are absolutely PERFECT!!! And the back material is so me, it's the way my house is decorated. The pictures are all so clear, my family is just going to be so impressed to see themselves in my guest bedroom. I will definitely keep and give out your cards. It's such a special keepsake. Thank you, thank you , THANK YOU!!! - Nancy from Indiana

My daughter is student teaching. Her mentor teacher suggested she tell the students a little about herself so she took her graduation quilt that you made in. It was a big hit. - Kim from Batavia, NY

My parents absolutely loved the quilt!!!! My Dad especially was raving about it. It meant a lot to them. I got them a nice rod that really sets it off nice and I did take it to them over Labor Day. They've had it to church and a family reunion on my Dad's side to show it off. Now they are deciding where to hang it and I am surprised my Dad is going along with that because he doesn't like a lot of clutter on the walls. You really did a nice job with it and I will definitely be getting back to you with a graduation pillow for Rachel - Sherry from Rush, NY

My friend loved the peek-a-boo quilt, she started crying when I gave it to her. She asked if you had sneaked in to see her nursery, the fabric matched her decor perfectly. - Maggie from Webster, NY

It's the best graduation present ever! - Sara P. from Webster, NY